French @IHR: France, the French and the Second World War

We are delighted to welcome Marie-Pierre Ulloa (Stanford) and Keith Rathbone (Macquarie) at the IHR seminar to discuss their research on and around the Second World War. Please watch their papers on this video link below, and join us for a live lunchtime Zoom discussion and Q&A on MONDAY 14 DECEMBER at 1pm GMT with our two speakers and our chair, Daniel Lee (QMUL).

The event is free to attend, but you must BOOK HERE to receive the link and passcode on the day of the seminar.

Keith Rathbone (Macquarie University) Alfred Nakache and French Identity: An Interwar and Wartime Jewish Sporting Life

Marie-Pierre Ulloa (Stanford University) Walter Jaye’s Trajectory and the Condensation of Memory: Silencing & Voicing World War II in Post-War America. Parts 1 and 2. The seminar video focusses on Part 2, but please read the bottom of this post to access Part 1.

Walter Jaye, who Marie-Pierre Ulloa knew well and interviewed on a number of occasions, passed away on 9 November 2020, just a few weeks ago. He was 95 years old. Marie-Pierre has recorded a prelude to her paper, which relates to and contextualises his life in much greater depth, (Please scroll down for the video). She has also generously shared links to the original interview recordings of Walter Jaye, including an abstract How a Jewish Refugee Became a Freedom Fighter in WWII and the three-part Lives of Walter Jaye: Part I; Part II; Part III. These are not necessary to view to attend the seminar.


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