Conference Bursaries

The Society offers conference bursaries of up to £300 each to postgraduate students who are studying any aspect of the history of France or of its current or former possessions and who are registered to do so at a university in the UK or Ireland. Such grants will be put towards the cost of attending, and preferably giving a paper at, conferences. This scheme excludes the annual SSFH Conference, for which a reduced postgraduate subscription is already available.

Applicants for the Society’s awards should be members of the Society at the time of application. Bursary applications may be accompanied by applications for membership, full details of which can be found here. It is a condition of award that successful candidates present a report on their research and on the trip funded by the Society. A 400-word report should be sent to the Society’s News Editor, Dr Jack Rhoden at and copied to the Secretary of the Society, Luc-Andre Brunet at Reports may be reproduced in French History and in the News section of the website.

Applications should provide details of the conference to be attended and state how attendance will assist the research on which the student is engaged. Please also include a breakdown of costs, including a total for the amount for which you are applying. If you have previously been a recipient of any grant/award from the Society, please note this on your application.

Deadlines are listed on the Grants summary page:

Queries, applications, and reports should all be directed to the Secretary:

Dr Luc-Andre Brunet by email:

Supervisors: Please draw the attention of any students you are supervising to these awards.