Postgraduate Conference Panels

The Society welcomes proposals for the sponsorship of postgraduate panels, on any theme in French history, at overseas conferences (whether annual or one-off events). In support of such a panel, the Society is willing to contribute up to £2000 to cover the travel expenses of graduate students registered at a University in the UK or Ireland.  In circumstances where the panel is composed of graduate students registered to a programme elsewhere, a proportion of the cost may be awarded.  In order to be considered, applicants must provide the names, academic status and affiliation of all the participants, as well as the titles of the panel and its papers. They should also provide a brief statement outlining in what ways their panel and attendance at this particular conference will further the participants’ academic development, along with a detailed budget. Only members of the Society are eligible for this award, but application for membership may accompany the submission.  If you have previously been a recipient of any grant/award from the Society, please note this on your application.

Deadlines are listed on the Grants summary page:

Applicants muct be a member of the Society.

It is a condition of the award that successful candidates present a report on their participation at the conference to the Society. A 400-word report should be sent to the Society’s News Editor, Dr Jack Rhoden at and copied to the Secretary of the Society, Dr Luc-Andre Brunet ( The report must be submitted as a word document within three months of the conference. Reports may be published in French History and in the News section of the website.

Applications, which should be sent to the Secretary of the Society, will be accepted at any time of year, but should be made at least three months in advance of the conference you wish to attend.

The Society will not normally make more than two awards under this scheme in any academic year.