Visiting Scholars Scheme

The Society will to consider providing up to £2,000 per year to support a visit by a foreign scholar actively working on French history to UK or Irish HE institutions. The objective is to foster international contact between scholars of the subject and the UK’s role within it.

The scheme is open to bona fide scholars actively working at, or with a clearly defined relationship to, a recognised institute of higher education outside the UK.

The proposed host institution in the UK or the Irish Republic must demonstrate that it is committed to underwriting the essential costs of the visit in terms of the provision of office accommodation, academic support and, where appropriate, contributions to the costs of lodging and transport.

Applicants themselves must show that they have a clear programme of research which will involve collaboration with scholars in the UK.

Deadlines are listed on the Grants summary page:

Applicants should complete the attached form, which should then be forwarded to the secretary of the Society. Each application should be supported by two academic referees, of which one should be from the host UK institution, detailing the nature of the institution’s support for the visiting scholar and their research programme.

Applicants should expect to receive notification of the outcome of any application within eight weeks of submission.

Download Application Form