French History @IHR: Sex & Sexuality in Post-war France

The Modern French History Seminar – traditionally hosted at the IHR – is relocating online for the summer term.

Monday 15th June / 5.30pm / Live Q&A

Chair: Daniel Lee (QMUL)

Sandrine Sanos (Texas A&M) The Sex of Violence and Post-Holocaust Visions of War and Decolonization in France, 1958-1963

Dan Callwood (Civil Service) David et Jonathan: Christian Faith and Gay Liberation in France

Questions for speakers can be submitted in advance by emailing the chair, or during the live Q&A at the chair’s discretion.

For security, all live sessions will be password protected, with the password shared via the IHR Modern French History mailing list in advance. Please do not share this password, and contact the seminar convenors should you wish to join the mailing list. Live sessions are limited to 100 participants. For guidance on using Zoom safely, please see the RHS guidance.

For details of future sessions, please see the main seminar page on the blog HERE or over at the IHR website

Dan Callwood uncovers the history of David et Jonathan

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