‘REVISITING COLONIALISM’ in the presence of Éric Vuillard, in conversation with Natalya Benkhaled-Vince

A talk with writer Éric Vuillard will be held at the French Institute on Thursday 18 May as part of Beyond Words festival.
As this may be of interest for you and your contacts, I have attached details below:

THURSDAY 18 MAY 2023 at 6.30pm
French Institute, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT

In recent years, debates around France’s colonial past have multiplied in the public sphere and literature has played a significant political and critical role to address this legacy. From the Belgian colonisation in Congo (2012) to the Indochina War in An Honourable Exit (2022), Goncourt Prize-winning author Éric Vuillard deconstructs the official versions of History, a history written by the victors. He will discuss how literature aims to illuminate structural inequalities and oppression with Natalya Benkhaled-Vince, historian of the French Empire, decolonisation and post-colonial histories.

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Under 25s pay £5 for all events and films at the Institute.


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