Modern French History @IHR : Roundtable on French Presidential Elections 2022

Five esteemed guest speakers gathered together on Monday 21 March 2022 to discuss the ins & outs of the French Presidential elections in 2022. Listen to their fascinating insights on the elections, pointing out the specificities of this particular election (the war in Ukraine and lack of public debate); the increasingly blurred contours of the traditional left and right (both in crisis, both without a leader); the disenchantment with Macron and his lack of support from all sides of the political spectrum; speculation on the second round (Macron/Le Pen? Macron/Mélenchon?); the looming problem of abstention; and the comparative element of democracies across Europe and North America.

Even if a victory for Macron seems likely… what next?

In a session chaired by Julian Jackson (QMUL), join Helen Drake (Loughborough), Marc Lazar (Sciences Po), Rainbow Murray (QMUL), William Rispin (independant researcher) and Andrew Smith (Chichester) as they skilfully relay their observations on the past months and French politics more broadly.

See also:

Andrew Smith‘s piece was published as a blog post ‘Sovereign fairy tales: the President’s new clothes? .

Marc Lazar referred to this report on youth by the Institut Montaigne, ‘Une jeunesse plurielle: Enquête auprès des 18-24 ans‘.


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