French History @ IHR: Roundtable discussion of Robert Priest’s ‘The Gospel According to Renan’

Date & Place: Monday 30th November 2015, at the IHR, London. Speakers: Robert Priest (Royal Holloway) with responses from Jeremy Jennings (QMUL), Ruth Harris (Oxford) Paper Title: A roundtable discussion of Rob Priest’s ‘The Gospel According to Renan’ Chair: Andrew WM Smith (UCL) In September 1903, crowds gathered in hostile opposition and vociferous support of a statue being inaugurated in the […]

New Directions in French History?

Where is modern French history going? This was the question we put to speakers at a one-day conference at the Institute of Historical Research in September. Over the next few months, we will be uploading regular posts from the participants, and responses from commentators. These posts, like the conference itself, address the big question of […]