French History @IHR: Sex & Sexuality in Post-war France

The Modern French History Seminar – traditionally hosted at the IHR – is relocating online for the summer term. Monday 15th June / 5.30pm / Live Q&A Chair: Daniel Lee (QMUL) Sandrine Sanos (Texas A&M) The Sex of Violence and Post-Holocaust Visions of War and Decolonization in France, 1958-1963 Dan Callwood (Civil Service) David et Jonathan: Christian Faith and Gay Liberation in France Questions […]

French Historians under the spotlight: PhD takeover

Welcome to ‘under the spotlight’, a monthly interview series which offers a snapshot from academics’ lives: their passions, interests and reading suggestions – all summarised in less than ten minutes. You can catch up with previous posts here. To tie in with the Annual Postgraduate Study Day, this month’s interview is a Postgraduate takeover! We […]