French History Seminar

The Modern French History Seminar – traditionally hosted at the IHR – has relocated online.

Seminars bring together two or more speakers to speak to a common theme. A pre-recorded video and/or written papers are made available 1 week prior to the seminar via the French History Network blog. The seminar then gathers on Zoom on Mondays at 5.30pm (London time) for a Q&A with the speakers, the chair and virtual attendees. Questions for speakers can be submitted in advance by emailing the chair, or during the live Q&A at the chair’s discretion.

In order to attend a Zoom session, you will be able to register through the IHR events page. This will allow you to get a link and then password to the session. More information on registration process will follow shortly. We look forward to seeing you!


5 October:

Nimisha Barton, Reproductive Citizens: Gender, Immigration and the State in Modern France 1880-1945 (2020). Book launch with commentators Máire Cross (Newcastle), Laura Downs (EUI/EHESS) and Dina Gusejnova (LSE). The session will be chaired by Ludivine Broch (Westminster).

19 October:

Emile Chabal, France (2020). Book launch with commentators Jackie Clarke (Glasgow); Arthur Asseraf (Cambridge); Andrew Smith (Chichester); Robert Tombs (Cambridge) The session will be chaired by Iain Stewart (UCL).

2 November:

ROUNDTABLE. The French Revolutionary Terror from the Margins: The Letters of the Duchesse d’Elbeuf. In the context of the exhibition ‘Witnessing Terror: French Revolutionary Prints, 1792-4’ at the UCL Art Gallery. Discussants: Alex Fairfax-Cholmeley (Exeter), Colin Jones (QMUL), Simon Macdonald (QMUL), Richard Taws (UCL). This seminar will be held in conjunction with the European History 1500-1800 Seminar (IHR). 

16 November:

SCIENCE, MEDICINE AND EMPIRE. Sarah Arens (St Andrews) “Guided by Science”? Agriculture, Botany, and Control in the Belgian Congo; Aro Velmet (University of Southern California)​ Vaccine trials and the politics of imperial infrastructure: The case of the Dakar yellow fever vaccine. The session will be chaired by Rob Priest (RHUL)

30 November:

URBAN HISTORY AND HISTORIES OF MIGRATION: Anna-Louise Milne (ULIP) A long(er) history of an ‘abcès de fixation’: Community Networks, food distributions and migration in North-East Paris?; Inės Hassan (Leicester) Cultural diversity and Republicanism in urban France. The session will be chaired by Charlotte Faucher (Manchester)

14 December:

FRANCE, THE FRENCH AND THE SECOND WORLD WAR: Marie Pierre Ulloa (Stanford University) and Keith Rathbone (Macquarie University) This session will be chaired by Daniel Lee (QMUL)

Contact Ludivine Broch (Westminster) or Charlotte Faucher (Manchester) for more information.