French History @IHR: Socialists, Anarchists and Writing Biographies

In our next seminar, Máire Cross (Newcastle) and Constance Bantman (Surrey) come together to discuss their research and work on socialists and anarchists in modern French history. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the publication of Cross’s latest book, In the Footsteps of Flora Tristan (2020) and to discuss with both speakers their experience of writing biographies of political figures.

The speakers have pre-recorded their papers to view below, and we will gather to discuss them on Monday 8 February 2021 at 17h30-18h30 (GMT). Julia Nicholls (KCL) will chair the session. BOOKING REQUIRED.

Máire Cross (Newcastle) In the Footsteps of Flora Tristan. A Political Biography (Liverpool University Press, 2020)

Constance Bantman (Surrey) ‘Social movement history through biography: the case of the anarchist Jean Grave (1854-1939)’

‘a stimulating and beautifully executed book’ Dr Constance Bantman

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