French History @IHR: Narrating the Nation in Modern France

The next Modern French History Seminar is taking place on Monday 27 July at 5h30pm. View the pre-recorded papers below, and join us on the 27th for a Live Zoom Q&A.


Monday 27 July // 5h30pm (London) // Live Zoom Q&A

with Dr Rachel Chin (Glasgow) ‘True France’: The Battle to Represent the French Nation during the Second World War

and Dr Ian Stewart (QMUL) Language and French National Origins from Montesquieu to Michelet

chaired by Dr Charlotte Faucher (Manchester)

Rachel Chin’s paper examines how the British, Vichy and Free French actors fought over who and what
represented the authentic French nation.
David Low in The Manchester Guardian, 26 June 1940

Questions for speakers can be submitted in advance by emailing the chair, or during the live Q&A at the chair’s discretion.

For security, all live sessions will be password protected, with the password shared via the IHR Modern French History mailing list in advance. Please do not share this password, and contact the seminar convenors should you wish to join the mailing list. Live sessions are limited to 100 participants. For guidance on using Zoom safely, please see the RHS guidance.

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