Month: March 2018

Teaching, Teaching Sources for Historians of Modern France

Online Sources for Teaching Vichy and the Second World War

Vichy – the Second World War – an Occupation. France’s relationship to its past is complicated at the best of times. With Vichy, it’s a syndrome all of its own. Often taught by historians of modern France, here is the beginning of a collection of sources which have been digitised, translated and made accessible to …


Voices of ECRs: Erika Graham-Goering

Welcome back to ‘Voices of Early Career Researchers’, a monthly feature on the French History Network blog. Each month we’ll post a short interview with an Early Career Researcher of French History, giving you an insight of the different paths that ECRs are following after their PhDs in and outside of academia: what do the …

Under the Spotlight

French Historians under the spotlight: PhD takeover II

Welcome to ‘under the spotlight’, a monthly interview series which offers a snapshot from academics’ lives: their passions, interests and reading suggestions – all summarised in less than ten minutes. You can catch up with previous posts here. To tie in with the Annual Postgraduate Study Day, this month’s interview is a Postgraduate takeover! We …