Month: October 2017

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Feature Archive : La Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) – site Richelieu-Louvois

David Nicoll (University of Warwick) works on Protestant noble identity during the Wars of Religion in France. Here, he discusses his research at the Richelieu-Louvois site of the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris.

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Domesticating the Goddess Liberty: French history at the British Library (Monday 20 Nov 2017)

DOMESTICATING THE GODDESS LIBERTY Take a journey back in time through the British Library’s French poster collection. Join Collaborative PhD student Cherie Prosser (British Library/University of Sheffield) for the unravelling of a mystery that takes us to First World War Paris, as we reveal the historical significance of the changing female representation of ‘Liberty’: …

Under the Spotlight

French Historians under the spotlight: Joan Wallach Scott

Welcome to a new academic year of Under the Spotlight, a monthly interview series which offers a snapshot from academics’ lives: their passions, interests and reading suggestions – all summarised in less than ten minutes. You can catch up with previous posts here. Joan Wallach Scott is professor emerita in the School of Social Science …