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SSFH Funds Research

The SSFH funds research on Art and Dress History in Postwar France (Alexis Romano, Courtauld Institute)

The SSFH Research Grant funds critical research for many early career historians. Here, Alexis Romano discusses how the SSFH grant allowed her to finalise her doctoral thesis, not least by adding oral history. An SSFH grant allowed me to travel to Paris two years ago for the final research trip for my PhD, undertaken at the …

SSFH Funds Research

The SSFH funds research on high politics in post-colonial Africa (George Roberts, Warwick)

I write with a considerable dose of imposter syndrome here. Even pushing my research to its extremities, I really can’t describe myself as a historian of France, or of the Francophone world. My PhD concerned the intersection of local politics, decolonisation, and the Cold War in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – something of a hybrid …